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We created a website that is constantly evolving with the business. The design is superior to local and national catering competitors. Regarding website function, we created a custom platform that allowed interested clients to write a message and request a quote. We also created a database to house all potential client inquires. We optimized the web design and choose specific written content to highlight their strengths and drive search engine traffic to their site.


We are proud to report results in multiple areas. First regarding SEO, this catering company is ranking #1 for the search phrase “catering Chesapeake VA” and #4 for “Chesapeake catering.” There is a list on the left that has additional phrases where they are ranking on the first page of Google. Through proper design and SEO techniques we helped drive traffic to their website. The custom contact form and database we created has helped them capture and store a ton of hot leads. The advantage of receiving leads through their website is that potential clients will leave their information with the business even if no one is in the office to respond immediately.

Home Form:          Sidebar Contact Form:          Total Leads:
120 Leads               52 Leads                                 172 Leads

Contact Form Responders

10% Conversion

15% Conversion

20% Conversion

Wedding Per Month




Wedding Per 8 Months




Average Wedding Price





We were approached by a Hampton Roads catering company, and asked to build a website that would provide information about booking events, weddings, and catering services. They needed an updated logo and seamless brand identity. An established catering competitor had inspired this business to begin, therefore we wanted to exceed the quality of their website in design and functionality.


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Business & Design Consulting
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Google Ranking

#1 Catering Chesapeake VA
#3 Wedding Catering
#2 Golf Club Catering
#5 Wedding Event
#9 Wedding
#9 Hampton Roads Catering