Food & Beverage

Sugar Baby Cupcakes


Sugar Baby Cupcakes offers cakes, cupcakes, and mini-cupcakes based on family recipes passed down from the owner’s grandmother.  We already knew that the business owner was a great baker.  Kingdom Horizon came in to assist the owner in setting up her business structure, creating a menu, and launching her brand. 


We partnered with Sugar Baby Cupcakes and helped her set up preliminary budgets, spreadsheets, and marketing materials. We then created a menu that showcased some of her most delicious baked goods.  Once we created the menu we put together a team to do an outreach event with various local businesses.  Each team member was responsible for putting together a contact list of business owners where we could drop off the cupcakes and allow the office to try the cupcakes.  This outreach helped to kick-start the Sugar Baby Cupcake delivery menu.  


Business Planning
Budget Consulting
Angel Investing
Web Design
Graphic Design for Menus
New Menu Launch