R han Pittman is a local real estate agent in Hampton Roads with 1st Class Real Estate. When we first linked up with Rhan the only online presence he had was his profile page on his agency’s website. This meant that any online leads that came to him through the website belonged to his agency, and if he ever chose to switch agencies he would lose those connections.  Therefore, the goal was to create a website that would solve this problem and allow him to take greater control over his business development process.

There are two main reasons a dedicated website is so valuable for the agent. It allows agents to use the IDX in the same way entire agencies have done to track and engage potential clients. Second, all online leads belong to the agent.

We met Rhan because one of the Kingdom Horizon partners had listed a home with him in the recent past.  At the same time, we were considering developing a website specifically for real estate agents. We then reached out to Rhan and asked him why he didn’t have a website.  Like many real estate agents, he didn’t know how to build a website or who to contact to get the process going.

Kingdom Horizon decided that he would be the perfect candidate for the development of our real estate style website.  Working with Rhan Pittman we learned about individual real estate agent needs and how a dedicated website could benefit his business.

As we mentioned before, real estate agents that have their own website have the capability to utilize the IDX system and keep all of the leads that come into the website.  This is very beneficial if the agent decides to switch companies or brokerage firms.  We have heard stories of agents losing all of their leads when they switched real estate agencies.  This solves that problem. The goal of the whole project was to provide individual agents with greater ownership of their business and their clients. We learned a lot during this process and Rhan Pittman received a free custom website!